Issue 4 - SEIU Continues to Present Proposals

Issue 4 - SEIU Continues to Present Proposals

Proposals on economics, low census fund and EVS staffing

Swedish and SEIU 1199NW continued contract negotiations on Tuesday, May 17. SEIU 1199NW presented their economic proposal as well as several new articles and changes to existing language. A number of the recommendations were aimed at creating more similarities among the three contracts.

The Union walked through their proposal and provided testimonials to address a variety of issues affecting RNs, technical staff and service workers including:

  • Wage increases
  • EVS staffing
  • Low census funds
  • Release time for negotiations
  • Employee transfers between Swedish facilities
  • Extra hours worked

SEIU 1199NW expressed optimism about the recession coming to a rapid close and presented an economic proposal that seeks wage increases of four to four-and-a-half percent in each of the next three years.

Swedish Proposal Scheduled for May 25

Swedish will make a presentation on Wednesday, May 25 and is approaching these negotiations with the goal of reaching a fair and balanced outcome for all who count on Swedish, including our employees, patients and the community.



Subcommittees Continue to Meet

Subcommittees have been and will continue to meet providing specialized teams of experts from labor and management who can take a deeper dive into some of the complicated issues being negotiated. These subcommittees will be meeting over the next few weeks and include:


  • Labor Management Restructure Oversight Committee (LMROC)
  • Tech and OR
  • Nursing (includes floating and staffing)
  • Benefits
  • SVNS
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