Issue 3 - SEIU Presents Majority of Their Proposal

Issue 3 - SEIU Presents Majority of Their Proposal


 SEIU Presents Majority of Their Proposal

Continued theme of collaboration on themes of efficiency, quality and satisfaction



Yesterday, Swedish and SEIU 1199NW continued contract negotiations. SEIU 1199NW presented the majority of their proposal for changes to language in the contract and will present the rest of their proposal including an economic proposal on Tuesday, May 17. In addition to the economic proposal, the Union expects to make four to six additional proposals including such topics as low census fund at Issaquah, calculating hours, neutrality and other groups joining the Union.

The Union walked through their proposal and provided testimonials to address a variety of issues affecting RNs, technical staff and service workers including:

  • Preceptor practices
  • Employee transfers and hires
  • Mandatory overtime
  • Annual leave and accruals including adjustment to vacation, holiday and sick time policies
  • Staffing issues and practices
  • Pay practices including breaks and rest periods

A number of the items recommended adopting language from the Union’s current contract with Swedish Edmonds, which has a separate contract and bargaining unit.



Swedish proposal presentation rescheduled for May 25

Since the Union will need more time on May 17, Swedish will now present its proposal on Wednesday, May 25. The Swedish proposal seeks a fair outcome for all who count on Swedish – employees, patients and the community.



Subcommittees to Meet and Make Recommendations to Bargaining Team


A number of subcommittees have been established to provide specialized teams of experts from both sides of the bargaining table who can dig more deeply into some of the complicated issues being negotiated. There are a number of subcommittees that will be meeting over the course of the next few weeks before presenting recommendations to the full bargaining team. The subcommittees that will be meeting are:

  • Labor Management Restructure Oversight (LMRO)
  • Floating
  • Subcommittee to work on committee language
  • Tech and OR
  • Home health
  • Benefits

The bargaining team will meet next on May 17, when SEIU 1199NW will present the remainder of their proposals.


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