March 2008

March 2008 posts

Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute Taking Part in Clinical Trial to Help Test Whether New Implant May Regulate Blood Pressure

SEATTLE, March 31, 2008 -- Millions of people suffer from high blood pressure, a potentially dangerous condition that can lead to heart attack or stroke. For some patients, medicines and lifestyle changes don't work, but now doctors are testing a new approach: implants.KING Television (channel...

Swedish-Affiliated Physicians Taking Part in Clinical Trial to Help Test New Implant for Chronic Back Pain

SEATTLE, March 31, 2008 -- Sixty-five million Americans live each day with chronic back or leg pain. Surgery is considered a last resort because patients lose their ability to move normally. But there's a new option made by a Redmond, Wash.-based company that is being tested in Seattle.Two Swe...
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