Let it out

Let it out

It’s ok to have negative energy, but let it out in a positive way.

In any given day, there are things that frustrate us. A co-worker doesn’t hold their weight so we have to do the extra work; someone says they will do something but they don’t; or we hit an extra red light at rush hour.

All of the energy needs to go somewhere and if you don’t let it out it will grow and you’ll lose it on the wrong person at the wrong time

Negative energy begets negative energy BUT positive energy begets positive energy. So, let out the negative energy on something that is inanimate: a punching bag, going for a run, lifting weights, weeding in your garden, etc. Just find something that allows you to let go of your tension so that when you get home, you can be in a better mental space and give someone you care about an extra compliment.

Much like a boomerang, positive energy will come back to you, maybe when you least expect it. 

I like that a hospital can consider positive and negative energies. Thanks!
9/6/2012 5:06:20 AM
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