Issue 9 - SEIUs Staffing Proposals Add Millions to Swedish’s Operating Budget at a Time When We Must

Issue 9 - SEIUs Staffing Proposals Add Millions to Swedish’s Operating Budget at a Time When We Must Work Together to Find $200 Million in Savings

Swedish Demonstrates Existing Staffing Models are Safe, Given Nationally Recognized Quality and Safety Achievements

Swedish is deeply committed to quality, safety and service. These are our core values and the focus of all employees at every level of the organization all the way up to our board of directors. We are pleased that SEIU shares our commitment to quality and safety, but we also ask that SEIU share in our commitment to finding a solution to address our economic challenges, as this is also critical to ensuring a thriving future for Swedish. As you know, Swedish needs to reduce expenses by $200 million over the next three years.

The impact of the “New Normal” is significant and it is not going away. In times of economic and industry crisis, we must look for ways to reduce costs and we ask SEIU to share in the commitment of coming to a fair outcome for all who rely on Swedish.

If we do nothing, we will spend more money than we make; if we add more to the budget, our financial stability will be even more at risk; this is an unsustainable option.

Swedish Says “No” to Mandatory Staffing Ratios; Proves Better Outcomes are Achieved with Evidence-based Practice and Staffing Effectiveness

During last week’s nursing subcommittee meeting Swedish responded to SEIU’s staffing proposal by demonstrating its commitments to quality, safety and service. Nurse leaders from many diverse areas of the Swedish system showed the dramatic results of evidence-based medicine and staffing effectiveness for improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. These improvements are the result of teamwork that the entire Swedish system can be proud of. In fact, it is the collective value of many of these outcomes that helped to achieve the 2010 LeapFrog award.

As we have seen our safety and quality indicators improve, we’ve watched our financial and operational indicators take a dramatic turn for the worse. This is a serious concern for Swedish and everyone who relies on us – our patients, our employees and our community.

SEIU Presents Costly Floating Proposal

Swedish is in the process of analyzing SEIU’s floating proposal, but expects that the proposal will also be a significant addition to our already staggering labor costs. Swedish will review the proposal put forth by the Union on Thursday, and will develop a response in one of the upcoming bargaining sessions. Swedish continues to seek opportunities for increased flexibility as the system continues to grow.

Looking Ahead

Bargaining will resume on Tuesday, June 21, when Swedish will respond to SEIU’s economic proposal. Future bargaining sessions are scheduled for June 28 and 30.

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