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Genetic Counseling: What It Means for Cancer Patients And Their Families

Genetic counseling can assure patients and their at-risk family members that they are getting the appropriate  cancer treatment, screening, and prevention.

Why do some women develop breast cancer while others do not? Why does a man get diagnosed with colon cancer at age 41 while his brother lives cancer-free well into his 90s? There are many reasons why people get cancer but for some families genetics can play a critical role in determining cancer risk, and genetic counseling can help answer these questions.

Advocate for your listening needs!

Assertive listening strategies for those with hearing loss to share with others to facilitate communication.

Hearing loss is “invisible,” and those around you may not realize that you are missing part or all of a conversation. Acknowledging your hearing loss and educating others about your listening needs will facilitate successful communication. Many are unaware of strategies that can improve communication. Education and gentle reminders to use strategies are helpful to improve communication.

Issue 11 - Negotiations Make Progress - Swedish and SEIU Reached Agreement on more than a Dozen Proposals

On June 28, Swedish and SEIU again met at the bargaining table to respond to a number of proposals focusing on updates to existing language in the contracts. The two parties reached agreements on a number of proposals that updated language and housekeeping in the RN, tech and service contracts. This work will be continued at Thursday’s bargaining session.

Contract Extension Discussed

Phase I of Swedish/Issaquah to Open July 14 After Community Open House on July 9

Swedish Podiatric Surgical Residency Program Blog

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The Journey

When it seems like it would just be easier to pack it in, remind yourself that your perfect weight is not a destination...it's a journey.

What's Your Favorite Excuse?

 When it comes down to the choice of rear-facing and forward-facing, there are lots of ‘reasons’ why parents don’t want to keep their child rear-facing longer, but there’s only one reason that counts for keeping them rear-facing, and that’s nearly eliminating the risk for spinal cord injury for your child.

As car seat technicians we hear all kinds of reasons why parents don’t want to keep their child rear-facing.

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