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A Closer Look at Swedish Issaquah

A Closer Look is a new publication aimed to provide a deeper look into some of the issues important to Swedish and our employees. As Swedish and SEIU are involved in contract negotiations around wages, benefits and other issues for RNs, technical staff and service workers, it is important to provide more in-depth information about some of the issues and topics that are surfacing as a result of negotiations.

Swedish, along with other organizations, is facing some of the toughest economic times in recent history. The perfect storm of the recession and healthcare reform have redefined our financial environment for the foreseeable future to be our “New Normal.” As a result, Swedish needs to find $200 million in savings over the next three years. The business decisions we will make as well as our SEIU contract proposals across all areas reflect this “New Normal” and its impact on our ability to remain financially stable.

We have received many questions regarding our new Issaquah hospital, especially how it fits into our future and how we paid for it.

To Doula or Not to Doula

Human nature is such that we don’t like seeing another human in pain. Even the natural pain that comes with childbirth can be disconcerting for the unprepared. The best way I’ve come to describe labor for someone who has never gone through labor is to find something that most people can relate to: ye olde hammer meets thumb moment.

If you have ever hit your thumb hard enough with a hammer that you can’t speak or you can’t think logically enough to do a simple math problem, then that’s sort of what labor can be like with each contraction for hours.

Now, before people get upset by my analogy, let me explain.

Swedish to Help Yesler Terrace Head Start Building Receive Dramatic ‘Makeover’ this Saturday, July 16

Sexual Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis

Although Inga is quite able bodied, she is having sexual problems. Sexual dysfunction, which may occur early or late in the course of MS, does not always correlate to the degree of physical disability. Often it is under-recognized and goes untreated. It is present in up to 90 percent of men and in nearly as many women. In women, the most common problems are low libido and altered genital sensation. For men, the major problem is erectile dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction can be a direct result of demyelination in the central nervous system. Secondary changes are related to poor bladder control or muscle weakness, and psychological, social or cultural issues that interfere with sexual feelings or responses. Examples of the latter include alterations in body image and low self esteem.

Regardless of the cause, sexual dysfunction can adversely affect quality of life and contribute to additional problems. 

Swedish Issaquah Now Open

It’s not often you get the opportunity to build a new hospital from the ground up. But Swedish/Issaquah isn’t just a new physical structure, it’s new philosophically, too, offering Eastsiders a new way to be well, get well and stay well. With advances in technology, an environmentally friendly design and new hospital infrastructure, the campus was designed to be different. We are thrilled to be able to meet the health-care needs of the community with this new medical center in the Issaquah Highlands, open today.

What opens today?

Also opening is the pharmacy, Education & Conference Center, café and our retail stores.

Ladies, What Does Your Health Picture Look Like?

Several of us don’t enjoy having our photo taken.  It’s just so 2-dimensional and we feel like it just does not show the “real” us.  Getting your health photo is a whole different situation. 

There are screenings that are recommended at certain ages that will tell you what your health profile is looking like, so you can take an active role in reducing your risk for disease. (Men, make sure you know how your engine is running, too.)

Screening tests for Women:

What you need and  when:

Issue 13 - The Truth about the New Normal

On Thursday July 7, 2011, Swedish’s chief financial officer Jeff Veilleux joined negotiations to present a more in-depth look at Swedish’s finances and answer questions from SEIU members, who have expressed doubt about the severity of Swedish’s finances and the concept of the “New Normal.” The Union expressed their appreciation of Swedish’s continued commitment to transparency and sharing data and financial information in a timely manner.

Data from The Advisory Board Company, a national, healthcare-specific research firm and Swedish-specific financial information was presented at the bargaining table to provide more background about Swedish’s financials and the current economic and industry environment:

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