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Issue 14 - Swedish Workforce Gets Failing Grade on Use of its Health Care Plan According to Expert and Health Care Costs are Unsustainable and Need Immediate Course Correction

On Tuesday, July 19, Swedish invited Randy Axelrod, M.D., a nationally recognized expert on value-based medicine and wellness to present to the Union and bargaining team during negotiations. Dr. Axelrod recently finished a comprehensive analysis of Swedish’s health plan, as well as employee use of the plan. His review included more than four years of medical and pharmacy claims and more than 2,000,000 claims – and the results are startling

17th-Annual Swedish SummeRun Benefiting Ovarian-Cancer Research Set for this Sunday Morning, July 24

Radio Show

Interview with Fox Sports Radio July 25, 2011

Check out my interview with Fox Sports Radio 1380 AM on July 25, 2011 Monday at 540 pm after the Aquasox game where I will be talking about cardiovascular disease and athlete's foot.

You can also listen live at www.krko.com/listenlive

Or after the show airs at www.krko.com/audio

Notice: Accidental Disclosure of Employee Data

Summer Toy Drive for Pediatrics

I received this note from Evi Feltus, one of our amazing certified child life specialists:

"Swedish Pediatrics is holding a summer toy drive in July and August to replenish our treasure chest. Our amazing December toy drive sustained us for six months. We are looking for small toys valued under $10 to give out to children following difficult procedures.

Suggestions include:

  • My Little Ponies
  • Transformers
  • Hot Wheels
  • Barbies
  • Lego sets
  • etc.

We are also seeking interactive light-up toddler toys to distract young patients during their stay.

Donations can be dropped off at 9 East Pediatrics on the First Hill campus any time; please remember to fill out a donation form for tax purposes. You can also mail them to 747 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122. Please include your name, address and phone number for tax purposes.

Also, Swedish Medical Center Pediatrics is registered at Target (new window will open) if you are looking for additional items or suggestions.

Thank you for your continued support in providing a comforting environment for our patients!"


(Questions about the toy drive? Email us at blog@swedish.org)

Watch CFO Jeff Veilleux Presenting on the "New Normal"

This video was taken of Swedish’s chief financial officer Jeff Veilleux while he presented a more in-depth look at Swedish’s finances at the July 12 Manager’s Meeting. It is the same presentation that was given to SEIU 1199NW on July 7. The presentation provides more detail about the current healthcare industry and economic landscape and its impact on Swedish, which we’ve been calling the “New Normal.”

The Hydration Challenge

Our bodies are made up of 60+% water, thus, we need to put quality liquids into our bodies every day. Water is an important component of just about every function that takes place within us, it’s the major part of our saliva, waste, it cushions and lubricates brain and joint tissue. It transports nutrients and carries waste away from body cells, and it helps regulate body temperature

When you do not get enough water in our systems, we get headaches, light headed and muscle cramps. Most people need two to three quarts of water per day, those with other medical conditions need even more.

When we drink enough water, we flush out toxins, we get more energy and our bodies run at optimum levels.

Take the hydration challenge this week and drink at least eight cups of water a day. Here are some tips:

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