Rose Yates, RNC, BSN

Rose Yates, RNC, BSN

Charge Nurse, Ballard Family Childbirth Center

Rose Yates is a nurse supporting families in labor, delivery, postpartum and newborn care. She loves working with people transitioning into their new roles as parents. She also feels passionate about professional involvement in nursing, focusing on wellness and health for not just our patients, but for ourselves and our community. Her special interests include shared leadership and the impact individuals as well as teams of nurses can have on nursing practice.

Blog Posts by Rose Yates, RNC, BSN

How we do recycling at Swedish Ballard

Did you know that the health care industry in the United States is the second largest producer of waste sent to the landfill?
Swedish works to improve our efforts each year by reducing waste and increasing recycling and composting. The Ballard campus had a recycling rate of 59% in 2013, one of the highest recycling rates in the country. The industry average is 36%. This campus composted 132,480 pounds of yard and food waste, and recycled 77,300 pounds of comingled materials. We accomplish this by the combined efforts of employees, patients and guests.
How do we do this?
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