Melissa Ballance AT/L, ATC

Melissa Ballance AT/L, ATC

Athletic Trainer, Swedish Pediatric Specialty Care, Sport and Dance Medicine

I have been working with Swedish Pediatric Specialty Care since July 2013 as a physician extender for Terrence Cronin, MD, in Seattle and Issaquah. Before that I worked as an Athletic Trainer at Shoreline Community College in Seattle and at a High School in Phoenix, Az. In my spare time I like to play soccer, hiking, biking, and going to the zoo.

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Think about injury prevention when returning to baseball season

Baseball season is finally here! As we watch our Major League Baseball heroes take the field this April, kids of all ages will be returning to the field after winter break and time off from practicing. 

It is important that our kids return safely to help prevent overuse injuries from occurring during the season. Common overuse injuries in baseball are injuries to the elbow (ulnar collateral ligament, UCL) and shoulder in the throwing arm. A proper warm up, maintaining an age appropriate pitch count and good throwing mechanics are essential to preventing overuse injuries. 
Here are some specifics to keep in mind:
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