Jennifer Casperson RN, MSN, CPN

Jennifer Casperson RN, MSN, CPN

Pediatric Nurse

As a pediatric nurse for over 15 years I have worked in pediatric home care, long term care and acute care. With two children of my own I am well aware of the joys and trials that caring for children brings, in and out of the hospital. It has always been a rewarding experience caring for children and their families at Swedish and I have been excited to share that passion with a new generation of nurses as an instructor this past year.

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Handling stress with kids in the hospital

As the back to school sales begin, we are reminded that soon our kids will be back on the bus and returning to school routines.  As adults we may look forward to the return of a consistent routine or dread the increased activity that comes with sports, homework and friends.  For our children school can be both exciting and anxiety producing as well.

Stress can be a contributor to many illnesses and is something that we all can use help managing. (Want to find out how much you know about stress and your kids? Take this 5 question quiz here.) The questions bring up some great ways to manage stress daily for our kids; but what about the stresses of chronic illness or hospitalization?  What can you do for your child to decrease their anxiety in the hospital?

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