Jessica Bratrude, RD

Jessica Bratrude, RD

Nutritionist, Swedish Multiple Sclerosis Center

Jessica Bratrude is a nutritionist with the Swedish Multiple Sclerosis Center. Jessica provides sound practical advice for patients, enabling them to be successful in their nutrition goals. Her special areas of interest include weight loss, cardiovascular health, diabetes and incorporating natural healthy meals. She also teaches yoga at local health clubs, and encourages physical activity into daily life, believing that the mind-body connection created in yoga helps individuals be more successful in making lifestyle changes.

Blog Posts by Jessica Bratrude, RD

Stocking a Fatigue-Fighting Pantry for Multiple Sclerosis

Most people have experienced feeling too tired to prepare a meal, or the comfortable convenience of fast food options. For many people with multiple sclerosis (MS), fatigue can be a persistent issue that leaves them feeling without a choice.

However, a little planning can make preparing healthy, fatigue-fighting meals possible. A small amount of preparation every week can go a long way in saving you time and energy and allow you to eat healthfully all week long. Start by sitting down each week and make a meal plan.

Here are some nutritious, easily prepared food ideas to consider to putting on your shopping list:

Nutrition for MS fatigue: Tips for planning and preparing healthy meals

Planning and preparing healthy meals can be challenging for anyone. When you have multiple sclerosis (MS), fatigue can be another obstacle preventing you from packing healthy snacks or fixing a home-cooked dinner.

Eating healthy foods can help you fight fatigue and avoid the crash you may experience after eating fast food and sugary drinks. Here are a few tips to make food shopping and cooking more efficient and manageable so that a healthy diet can fit into your lifestyle:

  1. Make a game plan

    Take a few minutes every week to map out some easy dinners for the week. Choose recipes that can be prepared ahead of time, will store well and will produce leftovers that can be packed for the following day’s lunch or repurposed for another meal.

    Brainstorm ....
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