Eric Eisenberg

Eric Eisenberg

Executive Chef

Chef Eric is the Executive Chef at Swedish. He is a regular presenter and speaker at major national industry events, has been a contributor to Food Management Magazine, and in 2008 was named one of the top 5 chefs in the nation by Chef Magazine. He began blogging for Swedish in September 2010 after struggling to manage his weight his entire life. Follow Chef Eric as he blogs about food, his weight loss journey, eating in public, and more.

Blog Posts by Eric Eisenberg

The Doctor is In

 I realized that I have not really been eating as frequently throughout the day as was prescribed for me to do. Instead of 6 -7 mini meals a day, I've been eating more like 4-5 medium / mini meals. 

Good News! I'm Obese

 Well I saw Dr. Lindquist was a relief. I shot the video before I actually saw him so let me make a few clarifications in advance.

In this corner...

 Weighing in at 249 , the slugger from East Flatbush!  Well we've weighed in and the results are good. Still havn't seen Dr. Lindquist but that happens tomorrow.

Ouch... is that a wall?

No one ever said it was going to be easy. Oh wait... I did. I'm an idiot!

Back on Track

Well as promised I have made my return. With my computer problems behind me I am looking forward to bringing more details of this experience to you more often and in real time. 


My first doctors visits yields a dozen aha moments. what have I done to myself and how in the world can I dig out of this hole?

...starts with the first step

 In my first video I talk about why I am doing this and what I hope the outcome will be. Please comment.

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