Pinky's Passion for Parkinson's Disease research

Pinky's Passion for Parkinson's Disease research

The DBS Program Staff rallied support for Pat Erickson on Saturday July 26th at the annual Pinky’s Passion Walk in Edmonds.  Pat and her husband Steve started a foundation several years ago to raise funds for Parkinson’s research.  They host several lively fundraisers every year, and they really know  how to throw a party.  A great time in the summer sun was had by all.  Pat (Pinky) recently underwent DBS surgery, and she spoke at the event about her Swedish care experience with great fondness and appreciation.  More about  Pinky’s story and her fight for a cure can be found here.

Georgia Howard
What an inspiration Pinky is. I wish her all the best. Having had my second DBS I can see what a great success it was.

Thank you team at Swedish Neurological Institute. I would especially like to thank Dr. Gwinn and Kristen Krantz.

10/21/2014 4:43:57 PM
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