Cutting clutter online for new parents

Cutting clutter online for new parents

World Breastfeeding Week is an annual celebration held around the world to generate public awareness and support for breastfeeding families. Each year the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) develops a theme as a primary focus. WABA is a global network of individuals and organizations who are dedicated to protecting and promoting the right of all babies and mothers to breastfeed, and to help re-establish breastfeeding as normal. This year’s theme is focused on communication.

Why communication?

Communication is an essential part of protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding. We live in a world where individuals and global communities connect across small and great distances at an instant's notice. New lines of communication are being created every day, and we have the ability to use these information channels to broaden our horizons and spread breastfeeding information beyond our immediate time and place to activate important dialogue.

When I think about communication related to breastfeeding, many ideas come to mind. Since I work with breastfeeding mothers and babies every day, I have started to realize how valuable the internet is. However, it can also be overwhelming if you’re trying to find information about a specific breastfeeding issue.

Below are my “Top Five” favorite websites which address different aspects of breastfeeding, particularly in the early days and weeks.

  1. Short videos on Latch, Hand Expression of Milk, Maximizing Milk Production

  2. Another video on latch, called “Laid Back Nursing,” a very different approach than the one above, and often quite effective

  3. More video clips on latching and recognizing swallowing

  4. General practical information on breastfeeding

  5. More general information on breastfeeding

Remember, however, that the information on any website is not a substitute for hands-on help or a phone call to an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) or your health care provider.

Raising a healthy, happy baby is one of the most rewarding things you’ll do. And, it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Swedish is celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with a fun filled morning of activities at Swedish Ballard on Thursday, August 4 from 10-1. We’re bringing together an impressive group of organizations to provide you and your family with information about nutrition, health, safety and education services. We’ll also have an “Ask-the-Doc” booth where you can meet Dr. Susanna Block and ask her questions about infant and child health. For more information about this event, call the Breastfeeding Center at Swedish at 206.386.3740.

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