Swedish Neurosurgeon Helps Educate Public about Cerebral (Brain) Aneurysms

Swedish Neurosurgeon Helps Educate Public about Cerebral (Brain) Aneurysms

SEATTLE, April 26, 2007 -- In light of the recent, unexpected and tragic death of Edmonds Police Chief David Stern from a massive brain aneurysm, some local news outlets have used the opportunity to educate the public about this condition.

Many people associate aneurysms with sudden, unexpected death. But aneurysms are not only survivable, they're treatable. In fact, more than 90 percent of patients who are conscious after a ruptured aneurysm have a favorable outcome after surgery.

The Swedish Neuroscience Institute offers the services of a team of nationally recognized physicians to diagnose and treat brain aneurysms. In fact, the Institute's co-executive director -- neurosurgeon David Newell, M.D. -- helped author the No. 1 medical textbook on brain aneurysms titled "Management of Cerebral Aneurysms" (Elsevier Inc., 2004).

In addition, physicians at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute have helped pioneer techniques to minimize the risk of stroke after aneurysm treatment.

To read the transcript of a story titled "Aneurysm Warning Signs and Prevention" that KCPQ Television (channel 13; FOX) aired on April 25, click here.

And to learn more about cerebral aneurysm and related services that the Swedish Neuroscience Institute provides, click here.


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